Bradda 2018


Distance - 26km

Ascent - 1250m

Category - A/Long

Start - Coronation Footpath above Bradda Glen Cafe (GR 190 699)

The organisers reserve the right to change any part of the course and their decision on any matter concerning the race is final. Minimum age of entry is 18 years on day of race. Held under FRA rules, waterproof whole body cover, map and compass, whistle and emergency food are required

Race Route

  • Start at entrance to Coronation Path

  • Follow path briefly and ascend through clearing on the right, crossing flat grassed area (also used as the start/finish for the Junior Champs) and climb to the unnamed cairn. UNMANNED CONTROL (1) GR 189702.

  • Take the Raad Ny Foillan coastal path to Fleshwick valley. MANNED SAFETY CONTROL (2) GR 201713.

  • Left toward shore and then cross stream following Raad Ny Foillan before branching off to the right at top of wall to follow the Carnanes track to the Sloc. MANNED SAFETY CONTROL (3) GR 215733. DRINKS.

  • Rejoin the Raad Ny Foillan and ascend to summit of Cronk Ny Arrey Laa. UNMANNED CONTROL (4) GR 224746.

  • Descend on easterly path and go through two kissing gates crossing the Easy Cushlin green lane (GR 233747) on to Cronk Fedjag, follow path to the Round Table Cross Roads. MANNED SAFETY CONTROL (5) GR 246758.

  • Cross road and head to the UNMANNED CONTROL (6) GR 262756. The punch will be located on the stile above the corner of the plantation.

  • Ascend to the summit of South Barrule. UNMANNED CONTROL (7) GR 257759.

  • Descend back to the Round Table cross roads MANNED SAFETY CONTROL (8) GR 246758.

  • Traverse Cronk Fedjag and ascent to Cronk Ny Arrey Laa summit UNMANNED CONTROL (9) GR 224746

  • Descend back to Sloc picnic area MANNED SAFETY CONTROL (10). DRINKS.

  • Continue on the Raad Ny Foillan ascending Lhiattee Ny Beinnee. UNMANNED CONTROL (11) GR 212727.

  • Keep on the Raad Ny Foillan path back to the Fleshwick Valley. MANNED SAFETY CONTROL (12) GR 201713.

  • Follow path back toward Bradda, skirting Milners Tower before finishing in the grassed area above Bradda Cafe used for the Junior Champs. GR 190699.

Course Records

2.00.49 - Lloyd Taggart 2011

Vet 2.00.49 - Lloyd Taggart 2011

Vet 50 2.28.24 - Dave Young 1999

Vet 55 2.37.34 - Dave Young 2007

Vet 60 2.42.47 - Rob Webb 2011

Vet 65 4.40.00 - Robert Baxter 2000



Lady 2.26.59 - Brenda Walker 1997

Lady Vet 2.26.59 - Brenda Walker 1997

Lady Vet 50 3.02.38 - Rose Hooton 2004

Lady Vet 55 3.25.56 - Rose Hooton 2012

Lady Vet 60 4.34.56 - Moira Hall