Ellan Vannin

Distance - 20km

Ascent - 1002m

Category - A/Long

Start - Ballaugh Plantation (GR352 919)

The organisers reserve the right to change any part of the course and their decision on any matter concerning the race is final. Minimum age of entry is 18 years on day of race. Held under FRA rules, waterproof whole body cover, map and compass, whistle and emergency food are required


Race Route

·         Sign on at Ballaugh Plantation Car Park GR353918. Start and Finish at beginning of plantation track GR352919

·         Follow the public footpath through Ballaugh Valley to Unmanned Control 1/8 GR347901.

·         Ascend to Slieu Dhoo GR.353894 Unmanned Control 2

·         Unmanned Control 3 is at the top of the public footpath GR345882.

·         Descend footpath to Druidale Water Splash GR355880 Manned Safety Control.

·         Proceed north easterly to north Sheep Pen GR 386875. This is situated to the south of the Tholt Y Will Rd, punch will be located on the section of wall pointing towards the millennium bridge. Unmanned Control 4.

·         South, keeping on fells to Brandywell Cottage and to Manned Safety Control, gate at end of greenway GR 343866.

Brandywell Road is out of bounds apart from the short section from Brandywell Cottage to the Manned Safety Control .

·         Ascend to Sartfell Summit GR 335873 Unmanned Control 5.

·         Contour northerly to Slieau Freoghane Summit GR 341884. Unmanned Control 6.

·         Descend northerly into valley. Unmanned Control 7 is at derelict building GR338891.

·         Ascend northwest to Slieau Curn Manned Safety Control. GR343906

Slieau Curn plantation is out of bounds - runners must not cross any fences or enter this plantation.

·         Descend back into the Ballaugh Valley and return to Unmanned Control 1/8 GR 347901.

·         Follow public footpath back to the finish.