Race Category Distance League Counter? Date Day Start Time
St Johns AS 5km No 01/01/2017 Sunday 13:30
Ard Whallin AM 12.5km Yes 28/01/2017 Saturday 13:30
Glen Mona AM 13km Yes 25/02/2017 Saturday 13:30
Ellan Vannin AL 20km Yes 26/03/2017 Sunday 10:00
Narradale AL 20km Yes 30/04/2017 Sunday 10:00
Carraghan AS 4km Yes 24/05/2017 Wednesday 19:00
Laxey AM 13km Yes 14/06/2017 Wednesday 19:00
Half Manx Mountain Marathon AL 21.5km No 08/07/2017 Saturday 13:30
Manx Mountain Marathon AL 51km Yes 08/07/2017 Saturday 08:00
Snaefell AS 8km Yes 26/07/2017 Wednesday 19:00
Killer Mile AS 1.6km No 16/08/2017 Wednesday 19:00
Junior Hill Champs Various Various No 30/09/2017 Saturday 13:30
Kate Burge Sea to Summit AM 10.3km Yes 14/10/2017 Saturday 11:00
WHL1 - Slieau Whallian BS 5km No 21/10/2017 Saturday 13:30
WHL 2 - Cringle CS 3km No 11/11/2017 Saturday 13:30
WHL 3 - Glen Helen BS 4.5km No 09/12/2017 Saturday 13:30

best 5 eligible races from any distance count toward league

For full details go to:  www.fellrunner.org.uk/events - races

Fixture venues, routes, and dates are subject to change, full details will be posted on both the MFR Blog (home page) prior to the race, and FRA website.

For all MFR enter on day races:

Seniors (over 18) complete & sign an entry form and bring to registration with safety pins and full safety kit* . A race number will be allocated following kit checks.

Juniors (U18): Check minimum age requirements at www.fellrunner.org.uk/events - races

If eligible to race, a junior entry form, AND parental consent for must be completed, these can be downloaded at ww.fellrunner.org.uk/events - juniors

*Full safety kit is not required for Winter Hill League, Junior championship or Killer Mile, but a waterproof jacket and warm clothes are advisable in case of poor weather.