UPDATE 2: MFR specific rules:

  1. Make sure you are familiar with the race route*. Full route descriptions and maps will be on the Race and Results page in advance of the race.

  2. Arrive at registration for all races apart from St Johns** with your full safety gear***

  3. Have your race entry form completed, you can print one off from the homepage, or they will be available at registration. Make sure everything you write on your entry form is legible.

  4. Your race number must be pinned to your front only.

  5. Headphones, including the bone conducting type, or any device that may impair competitors hearing are not permitted.

  6. At safety checks please make sure the officials record your number.

  7. If you retire from the race either report to the nearest marshal or phone the Race Organiser whose number will be on the back of your race number. This is vital as failure to do so could result in the Emergency Services being called out to look for you.

* The early season races at Ardwallan, Baldwin and Narradale are quite often run in hostile weather conditions. Because of this, any newcomers to fell running will only be permitted to enter if they have attended one of the official recces that will be held before each race over the next few months. Details will be announced on the MFR web site and/or Facebook.

** The St Johns race is a short race over a course that includes a large section within the Slieauwhallian plantation. Because of this the usual safety rules can be relaxed and runners will not have to carry their safety gear. The course will be marshalled throughout.

*** Safety gear will consist of:-

Waterproof whole body cover. This means an outer layer for the torso with an attached hood (an attached hood, unlike even the best hat, balaclava etc, will not blow away, get lost or left behind). For the legs, the outer layer should reach the ankles; just below the knee layers are not adequate

Other body cover appropriate for the weather conditions including, as a minimum, hat and gloves.

Map, preferably waterproof, of the race route and surrounding area

Compass suitable for navigating the course (GPS type equipment is not acceptable)


Emergency food (long races only).

“Waterproof” means a garment marketed as "waterproof" (i.e. not just “windproof”) with taped seams. Such garments require maintaining (i.e. cleaning and reproofing) to maintain their waterproof quality.

UPDATE 1: FRA safety rules

Due to the major changes in FRA safety requirements from 2014, e.g. "Race organisers should consider whether two (at least) marshals operating fewer checkpoints provides for better runner safety than more single-manned checkpoints",  the new Marshals table generally requires 2 marshals at safety control points in our races.


SAFETY CONTROL POINTS: Critical for race safety & manned by marshals with a first aid kit, who know the number of starters, and confirm the number of runners passing through. There are also a number of other mandatory safety requirements.

CONTROL POINTS: A mandatory point in the race, e.g. A summit. (Many were previously checkpoints). May be  unmanned with a punch, camera, or dibber, to record runners passing through. In some cases there will be a helper at a control who may record the number of runners passing through to assist with the smooth running of the race, although this is not essential for safety or insurance purposes.