Ard Whallan Mini Break!

Escape from the city with a west baldwin mini break!

Escape from the city with a west baldwin mini break!

The club has kindly agreed to cover the costs of hiring the hostel at Ard Whallan on race day so free overnight accommodation will be available for those who wish to stay over. The hostel sleeps a maximum of 24 people in 5 dormitories ( 2 x 2 bed, 1 x 6 bed and 2 x 8 bed). Families can be accommodated as best we can given the rooms available - please use the special requests box below. People are also welcome to come just for the afternoon/evening if preferred. Overnight guests will require a sleeping bag.

Kitchen facilities are provided and we can discuss how to best organise food for the evening - couple of large pots of something should suffice, or everyone brings a plate of food. There is no bar or local pub so BYOB!

More info on the venue can be found here -

As space is limited please use the form below to book a space and/or bed. Priority will be given to MFR club members and families but otherwise on a first come first served basis.

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Will you be staying for the night or just the evening?
If staying for the evening only, how many will be coming?
Sorry, no executive rooms, room service or concierge