The marshal chart is no longer in operation. Instead, marshals will be organised in the weeks preceding the race. This is to try and ease the administrative overhead in compiling and updating the chart. We also acknowledge that it is difficult for runners to commit to a race many months in advance and we often have cases where injured or recovering runners are available to marshal at short notice.

Marshalling will NOT be compulsory to qualify for the league but we hope the response from runners is sufficient as to maintain this approach going forward.

Marshals should adhere to the following 

*The FRA safety requirements can also be found under "organisers" from the"FRA" drop down menu on the FRA website. The "Safety Requirements" are in the the left hand panel.

MFR guidelines (in addition to FRA requirements):

  • All helpers must be over 18 years old and have a basic understanding of Fell racing

  • Runners will be permitted to swap slots with another competitor but only by contacting Manx Fell Runners via the contact form here at least ONE WEEK prior to the race.

  • A competitor who fails to turn up for his slot will be excluded from the league. If a competitors substitute marshal/helper does not turn up then the competitor must cover the slot (please note if there is no marshal at a safety point the race may be cancelled)

  • The MFR Committee reserve the right to allocate a slot to any regular runner who fails to volunteer

  • Runners can choose which race they wish to help with on a first come first serve basis, by checking the chart, and contacting MFR via the contact section of the marshals chart and info page.

Marshals are asked to :

  • Wear a hi-viz bib.

  • Wear appropriate clothing for the conditions. Waterproof jackets and leggings are available if required.

  • Be at your position at least 30 minutes before first runner is expected.

  • Contact the Race Organiser when you are in position (a full list of mobile phone numbers will be issued before race day). Contact the next safety check position to ensure mobile reception. If there is a problem contact the Race Organiser.

  • Record all race numbers and time through safety check.

  • Pass on all information to both the next marshal/helper and Race Organiser. When first and last runner has arrived, number of runners still in race, numbers of any retirements, numbers of last couple of runners through.

  • If a runner retires at your station check to see if they are returning to the start or being picked up and inform Race Organiser. If they are returning to start tell them they must report to the Race Organiser when they arrive.

  • Inform race organiser when you are leaving your position.

  • On road crossings safety is paramount and runners should be requested to wait rather than attempt to stop vehicles