Ard Whallan


Distance - 12.6km 

Ascent - 750m 

Category - A/Medium 

Start - Ard Whallan, Injebreck Road

The organisers reserve the right to change any part of the course and their decision on any matter concerning the race is final. Minimum age of entry is 18 years on day of race. Held under FRA rules, waterproof whole body cover, map and compass, whistle and emergency food are required.

  • Start and finish is at the Ard Whallan Outdoor Pursuits Centre in West Baldwin. GR 356830.
  • Please note that controls must be visited in numerical order.
  • Ascend flagged route through fields to gate at GR 348831 (this is private land with access on race day only)
  • Ascend to summit of Colden – Unmanned control (1).
  • Descend in southerly direction to valley floor. Manned safety control (2) and (6) first aid  at bottom of stone wall GR 339834. Punch is on west side of river.
  • Ascend and cross to Cronk Breck track gate at GR 334822. Manned safety control (3)
  • Traverse and ascend to Greeba summit. Unmanned control (4). GR 318816.
  • North to Slieau Ruy summit – Manned safety control (5). GR 328824
  • Return to the Manned safety control (6) first aid at GR 339834 at the bottom of the stone wall.
  • Return to the gate at GR 348831 and descend by flagged route to the finish

Any casualty can be evacuated from the following tracks.

The Creg, Colden to Manned Safety Control (2) section by way of the field above Ard Whallan to gate at GR 348831. Only 4 wheel drive to gate. After here by foot.

Greeba, Slieau Ruy section. Cronk Breck track by 4 wheel drive to top gate GR 334822

Also 4 wheel drive through Kings Forest to open fell at GR 324817.

Marshals with mobile phones plus first aid available at Manned Safety Controls (2/5), (3) and (4) plus floating marshal on call.

Course Records

Men 1.06.19 - Lloyd Taggart 2013

Vet 40 1.06.19 - Lloyd Taggart 2013

Vet 50 1.36.31 - John Norrey 2013

Vet 60 1.43.00 - Rob Webb 2013




Lady 1.26.42 - Jackie Lee 2013

Vet Lady 1.41.16 - Judith Quane 2013

Vet Lady 50 2.02.40 - Rose Hooton 2013