Baldwin Valleys

Aston International Baldwin Fell Race 18 02 12 048.JPG

Distance - 14km

Ascent - 750m

Category - A/Medium

Start - Ballawylin Beg, East Baldwin (GR 365 822)

The organisers reserve the right to change any part of the course and their decision on any matter concerning the race is final. Minimum age of entry is 18 years on day of race. Held under FRA rules, waterproof whole body cover, map and compass, whistle and emergency food are required

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Race Route

  • Start and Finish at Ballawyllin Beg, East Baldwin GR365823.
  • Follow flagged route to gate on the Millennium Way {PRIVATE LAND WITH ACCESS LIMITED}.
  • Ascend Millennium Way in a north-easterly direction to gate on Carraghan fell at GR369841. Climb to Unmanned control (1) at Carraghan Summit GR369849
  • Descend westerly into the West Baldwin Valley and climb Injebreck Hill to Unmanned control (2) GR356853 {PRIVATE LAND WITH ACCESS LIMITED}.
  • Ascend towards the Brandywell Road; travel a short distance east keeping to the fell beside the road to the beginning of Green Lane GR366864 Manned Safety check (3) first aid.
  • Keeping on the fell head to Beinn-y-Phott Summit Unmanned control (4) GR381860
  • Descend into the East Baldwin Valley and cross in a southerly direction to Manned safety control (5) first aid at Gob y Creggagh (Creg-y-cowin)  GR382842.
  • Manned Safety check (6) first aid GR 384826 is at the TT Marshals hut Keppel Gate.
  • Proceed in a south westerly direction crossing over Slieau Ree to the stile at the top of the Abbeylands Track Unmanned control (6) GR373819
  • Follow flagged route back to the finish. {PRIVATE LAND WITH ACCESS LIMITED}

Notes for Recceing

  1. Start at St Lukes Church on the Millennium Way to miss the first bit of private land.
  2. Finish by descending the Abbeylands Track to miss the final bit of private land. There is also footpath at the end of the track that leads out to the Schoolhouse on the East Baldwin Road.
  3. Finish by descending the footpath from Gob Y Creggagh, which leads out to the East Baldwin Road.

Course Records

1.11.51 - Lloyd Taggart 2012

Vet 1.11.51 - Lloyd Taggart 2012

Vet 50 1.23.44 - Ian Gale 2014

Vet 55 1.43.14 - Rob Webb 2012

Vet 60 1.43.14 - Rob Webb 2012


Lady 1.26.57 - Jackie Lee 2014

Lady Vet 40 1.38.04 - Judith Quane 2012

Lady Vet 50 2.02.27 - Suzanne Wild 2014

Lady Vet 55 2.13.29 - Rose Hooton 2011