Bob Baxter Challenge

A 60 mile route involving 11,400 ft. of ascent traversing all 37 of the Isle of Man’s mountains over 1000 ft.

In memory of Robert (Bob) Baxter who died on 11th August 2002. Bob, a popular fell runner was the first to complete the traverse in 1977.

In 1972 local athlete Ian Callister had the idea of planning a route that encompassed all the Isle of Man’s peaks over 1000 feet. However, it wasn’t until 1975, following several reconnoiters by Ian and fellow runner Robert (Bob) Baxter that the 60 mile course, which ascends 11,400 feet, including 37 peaks was finally completed. Bob, in 1977, was the first to complete the traverse in 14 hours and 55 minutes and the course became known as the ‘Bob Baxter’. He improved his time by a further two hours the

following year. Bob sadly died on 11th August 2002. Only a handful of runners have completed the challenge, with Ian in 2003 and Christine Barwell being the latest in 2007, the 30th anniversary. Christine completed the course in 21hrs 2mins to become the first women to complete it.

Ian Callister had his first of three finishes in 1982, the year Colin Donnelly set the record of 11 hours 35 minutes, which still stands today.

Although the traverse is usually completed in one day, the views are more enjoyable if taken at a more leisurely pace over three days.

The ability to use a map and compass is essential. The most suitable maps are Ordnance Survey number 95 scale 1:50000 and Isle of Man Public Rights of Way scale 1:25000.

For further information and a detailed route description visit just contact MFR through the website.

Route Description

  • From the start on Laxey Promenade grid reference 442836 turn left at the end of the Promenade, turn right over a bridge, ascend the hill, go straight over the cross roads and at 438844 turn up an untarmacked lane.
  • At a lane junction 439858 go straight on following the grass lane then go over a style 438866 onto the fell and ascend the first peak Slieau Ruy 441873.
  • A ridge traverse is now taken to Slieau Ouyr 435880, Slieau Lhean 425877, Clagh Ouyr 414889, Beinn Rein 425900, Cronk-y-Chorree Farraghtyn 432904 and North Barrule 443909.
  • Go back over the two previous peaks and descend to the road via a gate 412898, turn left, 100yd ahead is a bend. There is no right of way to Ny Nard Eys 410903.
  • Follow the track to Slieau Managh 396910, go through a gate 408912, proceed to Dyn Ennym 411915, go to a track junction 408915 and take the left track down through Ohio Plantation to the road 388942.
  • Left along the road, left at the crossroads, turn right up a track 380933 and follow the track to the road 368911. There is no right of way to Mount Karin 377919.
  • Follow the road for half a mile, turn right along a track and ascend to Slieau Dhoo 352894. A ridge traverse is now taken to Slieau Curn 342906, Slieau Freoghane 341883 and Sartfell 334871.
  • Descend to the road 342867, go 200yd along the untarmacked road and ascend to Slieau Maggle 346860. Cross over the road at 350 863 descend to the next road 100yd away and turn right along the road. There is no right of way to Injebreck Hill 354858.
  • Turn right along a track 373863, go through a gate 373856 and ascend to Carraghyn 367849.  Go back through the gate, ascend to Bheinn-y-Phott 381860, descend to the road junction 389858, turn left along the main road to road junction 396867 and ascend to Snaefell 398881.
  • Go back to the road, cross over the road, go through a gate and follow the fence to junction with a wall 404863. Turn left along the wall for 500yd, go to Cronk y Vaare 410864 and go back to the wall/ fence junction. Ascend to Mullagh Ouyr 397862, go along the ridge to Dyn Ennym 393855 and descend to the road at 392845.
  • Cross the lane by two styles and ascend to the peak of Cronk Gerjoil y Chiarn 393841. A ridge traverse is now taken to Slieau Meayll 398826, go back along the ridge for 600yd go to a style 384826 which goes on to the road.
  • There is no right of way to Slieau Ree 383825, go up the road for 1.25 miles, turn left down a track 391844, turn left at a road 371831, turn right t the next three road junctions and turn left into the second entrance to Injebreck Plantation 359839. After 20yd take the left fork at the track junction, follow the track, go over the style 352841 onto the fell and ascend to The Creg 346833.
  • A ridge traverse is now taken to Colden 343843, Lharghee Ruy 333833, Slieau Ruy 328824 and Greeba 318816. Go back along the ridge for 600yd contour around the west side of Slieau Ruy, go through a gate 319828, follow the wall to the wall/ hedge junction 313831, go over the hedge, turn right along the hedge for 200yd, turn left onto a track and Beary Mountain 312833 is a few yd in front.
  • Continue along the track, join an untarmacked road 303832, ascend the road to Beary Park 298834 and descend back to the junction with the track. Continue down the untarmacked road, turn right at junction 304828, follow the byway to the road to 285825.
  • Cross the road, take the minor road, turn left at the crossroads and go straight on at the crossroads in St John’s Village. Turn right at the next road junction, turn left along a minor road, turn right along a byway 277808 for 1 mile and turn right up a track  262798.
  • After 100yd turn right along a track which ascends to St. Johns 265805, go back to the byway turn right and continue to the road  253798.  Turn left along the road, go past the next two road junctions cross over the main road to 264777, go through a gate onto the fell and ascend to South Barrule 258 759.
  • Descend to the crossroads 247758, go straight ahead along the road, turn right along a track 241750 and Cronk Fedjag is 100yd ahead.  Go back to the road, turn right at the next corner turn right up a track to the finish of the Traverse, Cronk ny Arrey Laa 224747.
  • A footpath can be taken to Dalby Village 3 miles away.
  • * Please note the suggested route is approx. 6m longer than when permission has been gained to access the private land. Anyone wishing to run the Bob Baxter should contact either Ian Callister (01624 842137) or Ken Watterson (01624 801207)