Bradda Niarbyl

Ratch-slieu Vradda Niarbyl


Bradda - Updated Route Description. Start is on the grassed area above Bradda Glen.

  • To Milners Tower. Touch Tower.
  • Proceed on Coastal Path and descend to Fleshwick Beach.
  • Cross the stream next to the beach to access the ascent paths to Unmanned Control (1) Lhiattee ny Beinnee summit cairn GR212727.
  • Staying on Coastal Path descend to the Sloc GR 216734. Manned Safety Control (2) Drinks and first aid.
  • Proceed to Unmanned Control (3) Fishermans Stone GR223746 (40m West of Cronk Ny Arrey Laa summit cairn)
  • Descend to Eary Cushlin House Unmanned Control (4) GR 224757 and then on to Eary Cushlin Car Park GR225763. The green lane South of the Car Park is OUT OF BOUNDS.
  • Left down green lane for about 300m, then just before the gate go through the gap in the hedge into Kerroodhoo plantation.
  • Descend steeply through the plantation **follow the flags not the mountain bike track!**, exit the plantation at the bottom, left on the path to Creggan Moar, left again at the road T junction (beware of occasional vehicles) and immediately left again on a footpath over the river.
  • Manned Safety Control (5) is at the bottom of “the Slabs”. Straight ahead up “the Slabs” green lane back to Eary Cushlin Car Park. The green lane to the south of the car park is OUT OF BOUNDS .
  • Right to Eary Cushlin House Unmanned Control(6)
  • Take any route to Unmanned Control(7) Fishermans Stone, then re-trace the outward leg via the Sloc Manned Safety Control (8) Drinks/First Aid.
  • Lhiattee ny Beinee Unmanned Control (9), Fleshwick, and Bradda summit path until GR188706. Follow the footpath to Bradda Lower Cairn GR Unmanned Control(10) descend to the Start/Finish area above Bradda Glen


Course Records (Pre 2016)

2.00.49 - Lloyd Taggart 2011

Vet 2.00.49 - Lloyd Taggart 2011

Vet 50 2.28.24 - Dave Young 1999

Vet 55 2.37.34 - Dave Young 2007

Vet 60 2.42.47 - Rob Webb 2011

Vet 65 4.40.00 - Robert Baxter 2000



Lady 2.26.59 - Brenda Walker 1997

Lady Vet 2.26.59 - Brenda Walker 1997

Lady Vet 50 3.02.38 - Rose Hooton 2004

Lady Vet 55 3.25.56 - Rose Hooton 2012

Lady Vet 60 4.34.56 - Moira Hall