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A small Fell Running club on the Isle of Man. Promoters of the Manx Mountain Marathon and the Manx Fell Running League. Races are usually held each month throughout the year with the Winter Hill League taking place between October and December.


To join MFR please go to https://manxfellrunners.org/membership/

League Eligibility

Runners who meet the criteria below will be awarded the famous MFR hoody at the annual AGM.

1.         Eligible runners are 1st or 2nd claim members of Manx Fell Runners or 1st claim members of other Isle of Man athletics clubs which are affiliated to England Athletics for fell running.

2.         If an unattached runner subsequently qualifies to be an eligible runner according to rule one, their previous 2 race results while running unattached to a club will also be eligible for league points.

3.         Points are awarded to eligible runners even if they only complete 1 race. Non eligible runners are not allocated and given any league points.

4.         To feature in the final league standings you must finish 6 races including at least one from each category (short, medium & long).

5.         Best 6 results will be used to calculate the final league points and to earn the famous league hoody.

6.         For league purposes (in all age categories including male and female) points are only allocated to eligible runners  and given in the following order:

1st 100 points, 2nd 98 points down to 99th 2 points. All other finishers who are eligible runners receive 1 point.

Contact MFR

For information on any Manx Fell Running issue please just use the contact form below and we will get back to you asap.

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