Glen Mona (from 2015)

Crou-chabbil Ghlion Mona

Up & Running Glen Mona Fell Race 17 03 12 0010.JPG

Distance - 14km

Ascent - 738m

Category - A/Medium

Start - Greenway at rear of Glen Mona Hotel (GR 452 888)

The Race Organiser reserves the right to change any part of the course and their decision on any matter concerning the race is final.

Race held under FRA rules. All competitors must carry waterproof jacket with hood, waterproof long pants, hat, gloves, compass and map suitable to navigate the course, whistle and emergency food. 

The marshals stationed at the MANNED SAFETY CONTROLS will be recording numbers for safety purposes, please make sure they record your race number. These marshals will be holding basic first aid kit. Punches will be located at the four unmanned controls so you can record your visit on your punch card.

Please cross all boundaries via the stiles and gates occurring on the route. It’s forbidden to climb any fences or dry stone walls.

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Race Route (Full Course)

  • Start and Finish on the Greenway at the rear of the Glen Mona Hotel GR 452888

  • Climb the Greenway to the kissing gate at GR 445885 - MANNED SAFETY CONTROL (1) and (8)
  • Proceed to summit of Slieau Lhean GR 426877 - unmanned control (2)
  • Descend in northerly direction to stile at GR 423890. Unmanned control (3) is next to the stile which is flagged and marks the end of the Corrany Valley Greenway,
  • Follow the Greenway in a northeast direction to the abandoned farm at Park Lewellyn. MANNED SAFETY CONTROL (4) is stationed at the gate in the wall/fence on the northern boundary of the farmstead GR 439902

  • Ascend to North Barrule Summit GR 444909 - unmanned control (5)

  • Follow the ridge path in a southwest direction to Clagh Ouyr GR 414881 - MANNED SAFETY CONTROL (6)
  • Descend in an easterly direction to the derelict mine at GR 429889 - unmanned control (7) at flag in clearing on the south side of stream
  • Ascend valley continuing in an easterly direction following intermittment path back to kissing gate at GR 445885 - MANNED SAFETY CONTROL (1) and (8)

Course Records