Killer Mile 2018 Pre Entry

No Rest for the Wicked runners will be entered automatically - you do NOT need to use this form

(Junior runners must also complete a parental consent form on the day)

Minimum age is 9 on race day
If your club/school is not listed please enter it here.
(if carrying)
If you want to be paired up with a friend/parent/brother/sister/rival let us know here. Requests can't be guaranteed but we'll do our best!
Important - Please Read: *
I understand that this race is held in accordance with the Rules and Safety Requirements of the Fell Runners‘ Association (the FRA) (available to inspect at I have taken steps to familiarise myself with the FRA Rules and Safety Requirements and the route of the race (available to inspect at a I accept that it is my responsibility to find my own way between the stipulated control points, and that I have navigational skills appropriate for this race. I am aware of the Race Organiser’s information and requirements for this race. I accept that fell running is an arduous sport and there are hazards inherent in fell running and I acknowledge that I am entering and running this race at my own risk. Other than the Race Organiser’s liability for causing death or personal injury by negligence, I confirm I understand that the Race Organiser accepts no liability to me for any loss, injury or damage of any nature to me or my property arising out of my participation in this race. I undertake to carry the following items with me throughout the race: - waterproof full body cover (including an attached hood), hat and gloves, map suitable for navigating the course, a compass, a whistle and emergency food. For short races, after considering weather conditions, the Race Organiser may announce at the start of the race a reduction in the kit to be carried. However you should come to the race prepared to carry all of the kit.