Winter Hill League Info

Round 1 Cringle Plantation 26/10/13 at 1.30PM
A twisty course mostly on tracks scrubbed in by mountain bikers.The course will be well marked.
 Expected winning time around 15 minutes. The running surface is mostly soft with a couple of stony sections and as it is within a plantation competitors need to watch out for tree roots.
The start and finish will be near the main entrance to the Cringle Plantation on the B39 Solomons Corner to Corlea road. Easy way to get there is to go up the main road at Foxdale and take the second turning on the right at Solomons Corner. Follow this road until you will see the Cringle Reservoir on your right. The start and finish is just past the reservoir on the right. If coming from the south turn off the A27 Colby Glen Road onto the B39 just past Ronague Chapel.
Registration will be at the main entrance gate to the plantation from 12.30pm
Parking is limited, car sharing is strongly advised. There is limited parking available at the reservoir, at a small park to the south of the start area (this has a fairly rough surface so extreme caution if parking here) and at the side of the road in places. PLEASE PARK CAREFULLY.

Round 2 Glen Helen  16/11/13 at 1.30pm
Due to the paths in Glen Helen being closed as a result of a number of fallen trees the course will be different from last year. The start will be on the road that leads to Eary Beg Farm, near the wooden bridge. The course will be well marked.
Winning time expected to be around 15 minutes. The terrain will be a mixture of hard stone roads, soft muddy sections and as a large part is within the plantation tree roots will have to be watched.
The Glen Helen is easy to find situated between the 9th and 10th milestone on the TT Course.
Registration will be from 12.30pm at the main car park.
There is a large public car park at Glen Helen. However, competitors are reminded that customers at the Glen Helen Hotel and the Swiss Chalet will also be using the car park. Therefore it is recommended to car share if possible.

Round 3 Slieu Whallian 14/12.13 at 1.30pm
This short race is held largely within the Slieuwhallian Plantation. The start and finish will be at the gate 100 metres along the Patrick Road in St Johns. The course will be well marked.  The terrain is a mixture of muddy tracks with a grassy decent. As it is mainly within a plantation runners should beware of roots underfoot. Expected winning time of 16 minutes.
Registration will be at the old St Johns Railway Station. Directions to get there. At St Johns turn off the Peel Road opposite Tynwald Hill. The car park is on the left 200 metres down the hill.