Pier to Pier race Sun 7th April further details + kit update

Race registration 10:15-10:45am Alfred Pier Pt St Mary.

If possible please print off and bring a completed entry form.

Windproof/waterproof body cover, map and whistle required.  Details in section 9, FRA Safety Equipment.

 KIT UPDATE: To be confirmed at registration - minimum mandatory kit may be reduced to windproof or thermal top, carried (not worn) if forecast remains good, otherwise  be prepared to carry full kit.

Start 11:00am. 10km distance with 505m climb. Minimum age 16.

Entry Fee £5, to be donated to the Farmers' Benevolent Fund.

 It may be necessary to copy the details below onto a 1:25000 map if you are unfamiliar with the route, or deviations described.

1st deviation: After approx 0.5km from start take a left hand footpath down to the beach at Perwick.

At the far end of the beach take the footpath back up towards Fistard, doing a right then left dog leg at the top of the path leading back onto the Fistard Road/Raad Ny Foillan towards The Chasms.

2nd deviation (change to 2012 Pier to Pier route): Just after the turning circle at the end of the lane from Fistard, turn right through a gate, on the footpath up the hill.

Follow the path over the Memorial stile,  and after the next gate turn right up the hill following the flags, and touch (do not cross) the stile (CP1)  to Chasms car park.

From CP1 head directly down on path alongside wall, climbing the next stile on right, back onto Raad Ny Foillan footpath.

Beware of cliff edges between CP1 and CP2.

CP2 is at The Sound. Do not run through the car park, please keep to the footpath.

After descending to road level in Port Erin, it is 300m to finish, down the No Entry road, and cross the road at the bottom, continue in the Port Erin direction to FINISH at Raglan Pier. Beware of traffic.

After a refreshing pint in The Bay (make sure you have carried enough spare clothes!) it is a 3km jog back along St Marys Road/Truggan Road  to the start.