Manx Fell Runners Safety

The committee of Manx Fell Runners are becoming increasingly concerned with the number of runners who are entering local fell races with little or no knowledge of the course routes. It is the competitors responsibility to check the route descriptions and study the relevant map for check point grid references. All route information is available on It is also recommended to recce the various courses.

Many runners are obviously relying on following more experienced competitors. This practice is fine until a less knowledgeable runner becomes isolated and has no idea of what route to take. We then have a potentially dangerous situation for the competitor, especially in the winter months.  Although the Manx hills are fairly small compared to the likes of the Lake District they can become a quite hostile environment if the weather turns rough. 

Another point worth noting is that the marshals on the course, who themselves could be dealing with adverse weather, could well be forced to man their positions for a lot longer if somebody goes missing.

Everybody involved with fell running wish to share our brilliant sport with more people. However there has to be a balance between encouragement and safety. To try to improve this situation Manx Fell Runners have committed to organise more recces of the various courses over the winter months which we hope will be well supported.