St Johns 2015 - Important Info

It has been necessary to change the route in a couple of places for the St Johns Race on New Years Day. The start and finish, as advertised, will be in the St Johns Cricket Club field. The ascent through the plantation starts the usual way through the main entrance but after the first part of the climb will follow a different route that will ascend by way of a new section that has been named the Witches Tunnel. I think everyone will find this extremely interesting! It is a very tough but enjoyable climb through the trees to the top stile. At the summit the route will differ from past years by descending to the west and picking up a rough track through Ballaspit Farm that eventually leads back to the entrance to the plantation that is used in the Winter Hill League. If we are lucky enough to have a clear day the scenery on this section is quite stunning! The course will then follow the WHL route to the bottom track where it will turn right to lead back to the main plantation entrance. The course will be carefully flagged wherever required.

Those who have pre-entered online should proceed directly to the allocated desk to pay your entry fee and collect your race number. Those who have no pre-entered should fill out an entry form and proceed to the allocated desk(s).

The forecast for the race is poor and runners are reminded that they must wear or carry a waterproof top.