St Johns Fell Race 2016 - Pre Entry

Online pre entry is now closed but you can still enter on the day.

Race details as follows (courtesy of Richie):

The opening round of the 2016 Callin Wild sponsored Manx Fell Running League will be held on New Years Day. The St Johns Fell Race will again be sponsored by long time supporter David Cretney and will start and finish at the St Johns and Peel Cricket Club ground. Registration will be held at the St Johns FC clubhouse from 12.15pm until 1.15pm. Start time will be 1.30pm.

Race distance will be approximately 5km with large sections of the course flagged. Minimum age is 12 years on the day of the race. All competitors are invited to run in fancy dress.
It will not be compulsory for competitors to carry safety gear but the organisers would strongly recommend that everyone carries a waterproof jacket.

There will be no prizes awarded as all entry fees, £5 for seniors and £1 for juniors, will be donated to charity.

The organising committee of Manx Fell Runners would like to acknowledge the assistance given by DEFA in order for the race to access the Slieauwhallian Plantation. Please do not attempt to recce this section as restrictions still apply. This section will be fully flagged on race day.

It is well known that the Island is suffering from a range of tree diseases at the moment and DEFA would be grateful if all competitors and spectators could read the following good practice guidance with regard to biosecurity:-

Practising good biosecurity is one of the key aspects of preventing the spread of tree diseases.

“Pests and disease can spread rapidly and one of the ways that they can arrive in a healthy forest is to be carried there in the mud and forest debris that gets stuck on people’s boots and car or bicycle tyres, or even on dog’s paws and horse’s hooves.

“We’re encouraging people to be aware of the importance of their role in keeping our forests and trees healthy through a Keep it Clean campaign.”

‘Keep It Clean’ asks people to take a few minutes before visiting a woodland to clean dirt and mud off boots, tyres, kit and pets - and to make it a habit to check and clean before every woodland visit.

“Everyone can do their bit to help promote biosecurity and the people who visit and work in woodlands are the best defence trees have.”