Aston International WHL Round 2

Provisional results from round 2 of the Aston International Winter Hill League, held at Cringle Plantation HERE

Please note these are very much provisional and will be adjusted as per Richie's previous post on Facebook:

Unfortunately there were a number of runners in today`s race at Cringle who unintentionally went off course. The route they followed made it at least a couple of minutes shorter than the scheduled one meaning some finishing positions and times were incorrect. We cannot be sure as to who went off course although we have a good idea. We believe that most competitors are aware of their mistake with some having already informed us. In order to have a correct result we would ask everyone who knowingly went off course to inform us as soon as possible. Unfortunately we will have to penalise these competitors with a time adjustment. The only other options we have in a situation like this is to DQ all those who went off course or to call the race result null and void. MFR prides itself on its friendly and encouraging attitude towards all competitors and so we feel a time penalty will suffice in this instance.