Night Fun Run - Glen Helen/Eairy Beg


Anyone fancy something a bit different? We will be trying out a night fun run event held on Wednesday 13th December at 7pm around the Glen Helen/Eairy Beg WHL course.  The original plan was for a self timed time trial style event around the WHL course but with the postponement of the race on Saturday and issues with the course marking (flags are being continually removed by some probably well meaning but misguided people!) we will run it as a guided fun run to give runners a flavour of running in the dark. If it proves popular then we may look at introducing a bona fide race.

It'll obviously be dark so you'll need a decent headtorch (ideally with spare batteries or a spare torch) and we recommend runners carry a phone also and dress according to the conditions. It may still be frosty at the summit and there is likely to be lying snow so make sure you have suitable footwear.

Turn up at the Glen Helen car park between 6:30 and 7pm, runners will set off from 7pm. The 2.7 miles course can be completed within 30 - 60 mins.