2018 League Changes

With the start of the 2018 Callin Wild Manx Fell Running League due to commence fairly soon it is timely to announce a new system for the marshalling of our events. A marshal`s chart has been used in previous years but this has now been discontinued. It was becoming more and more difficult to administer the chart given the increasing number of entrants who were required to fulfil their compulsory marshalling stint.

For 2018 it will not be compulsory to marshal a race in order to count for the league. Well before each race we will announce the number of officials required for the race to take place. It is then up to the runners to volunteer to cover a position or provide a suitable volunteer to take their place. We would only expect runners to help for one race unless they wish to cover more. All MFR races are registered with the FRA and in order to receive their full insurance cover we are required to abide by their race rules. Because of this we must have all marshals positions covered well before race day and so there will have to be a closing date for helpers, probably 7 days before race day.  Once the required number of helpers is announced they will be designated on a first come basis.  Failure to find the required number of helpers could mean the cancellation of the race. 

The Committee of MFR are hoping that everyone will cooperate in order to be able to run all our races to schedule. 

The league format for 2018 will be five races to count of which there must be one short, one medium, one long plus any two others