Aston International Winter Hill League 2 - Cringle

Round 2 of the WHL takes place this Saturday (10th November) at Cringle Plantation, registration from 12:30pm, race off at 1.30pm. Minimum age is 12 on race day. A few things to bear in mind:

  • If you ran the last round at Slieau Whallian you do NOT need to enter online or fill any forms on the day. Just pay your entry free (£5, juniors free) and collect a new number from the registration desk. If you did not run the last round you will need to complete an entry form on the day.

  • New race numbers will be issued for each race - please don’t bring your number from the previous round!

  • Car parking has been an issue for this race so please car share where possible. A temporary one way traffic order is in place between 11:30am and 4pm. This will be from a point 100m south west of the entrance to Yn Reash (past the junction of the B41 Grenaby Road) to a point 100m north of the entrance to Ballaglashen Farm. The order applies in a south westerly direction from the Foxdale side of the B39 Corlea Road. See map image and copy of the order for more details. Depending on the weather a field may be available for car parking. Please cooperate with the marshals.

  • If approaching from the west, remember there is also a small car park on the A27 Round Table road which is just a short walk from the registration area, or you can approach via Foxdale. If approaching from Port Erin or Port St Mary please use the B41 Grenaby Road or Ballamodha - please do NOT approach via Ronague as you will arrive at the wrong end of the one way system!

One way order is in the direction of Foxdale to Ronague (i.e. South Westerly)

One way order is in the direction of Foxdale to Ronague (i.e. South Westerly)

Thanks to the Department of Infrastructure, the residents of Corlea Road and Steve Taggart for their assistance.

Don’t forget the MFR AGM takes place later in the day - 7pm at the Embassy Room, British Hotel, Douglas. Details HERE