Operation Sea Lion - Civil Defence

Exercise Sea Line Groudle Glen.jpg

Ian Young from Civil Defence wishes to pass on his thanks to the large MFR contingent who volunteered to pose as casualties during the recent "Operation Sea Lion" at Groudle Glen. The exercise simulated a train derailment and the response from the emergency services - all of it very interesting to observe! Civil Defence have been fantastic supporters of our events, particularly the Manx Mountain Marathon, and it is always pleasing to return the favour when we can.

Could I personally thank you for supporting the above exercise last Wednesday evening in Groudle Glen. Could I also ask that you pass on thanks from all The Emergency Services to all who volunteered to act as casualties from your various organisations.

Without your assistance and co-operation it would be impossible to run major incident exercises of this nature. For information , there were 76 ‘casualties’ and over 40 Emergency Services personnel involved in the exercise, which will be the largest exercise to take place on the Island in 2018.


Ian Young
Emergency Planning