Provisional Callin Wild MFR League Table 2018

League standings to date can be viewed at the links below. Note that for 2018 the men and women are separated into different leagues but I have included the combined league to satisfy any curiosity! Points are allocated per race (combined for men and women) as per the league rules (100pts for 1st, 98 for 2nd and so on). If you entered a new category during the season then your league category will be as of January 1st 2018.

I've included runners who have completed 4 races already and need one more race (Axnfell) to qualify. Remember that runners must have completed a long race to qualify. 

Common issues with the league include alternatively spelt names (Dave/David, Rich/Richard etc) and runners joining or switching clubs mid-season. I've tried to correct anything I've spotted but please let me know if anything seems amiss. In cases where you may have finished a race with another runner then points will only be equally allocated if the results/timekeepers indicate a dead heat. If you spot any results you think need amending then let me know.....but I'd ask that if it doesn't affect the overall rankings then it'd save me a fair amount of work to keep it as is!

MFR League 2018 - Provisional Mens

MFR League 2018 - Provisional Womens

MFR League 2018 - Provisional Combined