Callin Wild 2015 Fell Running League Table

I've put together a provisional league finishers table which you can view here. You may need to zoom in as it was a struggle to fit all the columns onto one page! 

Remember that to qualify for the league (and hoody!) you must have completed at least 6 league races of which one must have been an AL category race and have marshalled, or provided a marshall for one race also. 

If you have any queries please let us know via the contact form (

Details on the AGM and prize presentation will be announced soon, 

Could all league finishers as identified in the final table please email -  [email protected] by Monday the 2nd November at the very latest.

Please simply include your full name and size required, emails to this address will not be answered, and colour will only be revealed at the AGM / Presentation.



10/11/2015 PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, could anyone who has not yet done so send in your required sizes, so far we haver had very few responses and this order needs to be placed, without this information a best guess will be made and exchanges cannot be guaranteed!