Boxing Day Castle 2 Castle Relay

Sunday 26th December

Informal Castle to Castle Relay followed by beers in Castletown...

For individuals or pairs of runners. Start from Fenella Beach car park whenever you want but aim to finish at the Glue Pot in Castletown at 12:30pm. You can run the whole thing (leg 1 and leg 2) individually or pair up and do leg 1 and then changeover runners for leg 2 at the Round Table... or just run leg 2!

Route - following the Bayr Ny Skeddan (Herring Way) with 2 exceptions:
1) From Peel Castle ascend Peel Hill and take coastal footpath towards Glen Maye
2) Ascend pipeline track to Round Table rather than continuing towards Eairy Cushlin
Leg 1 - approx 6 miles, mostly uphill
Leg 2 - approx 7 miles, mostly downhill (some road sections so wear hi-viz)

Boxing Day C2C.jpg


n.b. this is not a formally organised race and you take part at your own risk... no-one will come looking for you if you get lost!

Further details here