Fell Running League 2016

With the New Year and 2016 Manx Fell running league fast approaching runners and potential runners are reminded of the need to abide by the FRA's safety guidelines.
While we do all we can as organisers to keep you safe and put on challenging events, runners must take responsibility for themselves and their actions, to do this please make yourselves familiar with the attached document. 

Id also suggest joining the FRA and reading their quarterly magazine which newcomers especially can learn from.


Organised recces of the more challenging courses will be organised in due course, but there is no substitute for time on your feet in the hills to gain experience and to be comfortable with the potentially ever changing environment.

Full FRA approved safety kit must be carried at all times during all races unless otherwise instructed by the Race Organiser, for this reason always bring full kit to signing on at every race.
It is good practice to carry this kit at all times whether out in the hills alone or in organised recces.